Birding Walk & Hike at Cat Island
16 Sep 06:30 AM
Until 16 Sep

Birding Walk & Hike at Cat Island

The Friends of Cat Island will host a birding walk and a hike at Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge on Saturday, September 16.  The birding walk will start at 6:30 AM and hikes will start at 7:30 AM with departure times beginning every 15 minutes until 8:30 AM.  Both the birding walk and the hike will involve about three miles of walking in and back and will start at the beginning of Wood Duck Trail.  To access the trailhead, drive all the way to the very back of the refuge where the road ends at a parking lot where a volunteer guide will sign you in.  You can hike with a guide or go on your own.  Be prepared for heat and no bathroom facilities.  Please bring water, bug spray and sunscreen.

The plan for the bird walk is to bird to the first fishing hole, where several species of wading birds and waterfowl can be found, and hike back.  Participants of the hikes will hike to the second fishing hole and back.  Aid stations will be set up for assistance.

To register please contact either William Daniel at 225-721-0090 or or contact Jesse Means at 225-936-6529 or  Please specify whether you want to do the bird walk or hike and if hiking what start time between 7:30 and 8:30 you want.  If a cancellation due to weather events is necessary registered participants will be notified.