Evening Owl Walk
30 Sep 06:45 PM
Until 30 Sep, 08:15 PM 1h 30m

Evening Owl Walk

Audubon State Historic Site invites you to a guided owl walk to learn how to identify owls in your backyard, to discuss owl behavior, and to understand current conservation measures. Owls are of great ecological and cultural importance. Most are crepuscular creatures roaming the night forests in search of prey with their spectacular ability of silent flight. These birds of prey have incredible vision and hearing capabilities, formulated by their bone structure and feathers, making them excellent hunters. Their diet often consists of small mammals. With Louisiana’s diverse landscape of swamps and old-growth and mature forests, the state hosts 8 owl species. Each species has a unique call, distinct nest strategies and behaviors, and some can even be active during the day. Conservation of owl habitats is crucial for maintaining current populations. Although there are no species of owls currently listed as threatened or endangered in the state of Louisiana, the same species of owl can be threatened or endangered in other states due to threats like habitat destruction.

Please bring a flashlight, binoculars, and comfortable walking shoes. No flash photography please! We look forward to seeing you then!

Included in the park’s grounds fee of $5 per person. For more information, call Audubon State Historic Site at 225-635-3739.