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Exploring St. Francisville, LA: 10 Summer Adventures for Families

St. Francisville, Louisiana, is a hidden gem for families seeking a blend of history, nature, and small-town charm during the summer. Nestled along the Mississippi River, this quaint town offers a variety of activities that cater to both kids and adults. Here’s a guide to some fun-filled summer adventures you and your family can enjoy in St. Francisville.

1. Reading Challenges at the West Feliciana Parish Library

The West Feliciana Parish Library offers various programs and events for children and families throughout the summer. These can include story times, craft sessions, and educational workshops. Outside of the programs, the library is a perfect place for anyone to discover their new favorite book! There is even a playground outside to act out some of the adventures they read about with their friends. You can learn more about their programs here.

**Activity Idea:** Check the library’s schedule and plan to attend a few events. Encourage your children to participate in a summer reading challenge or join a book club. They can share their favorite books and stories with family members.

Cost: Free.

Tree at Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge

2. Explore the Great Outdoors at Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge 

For nature enthusiasts, Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge is a must-visit. It’s home to the largest tree east of the Sierra Navadas, the National Champion Bald Cypress. Families can hike the trails, enjoy bird watching, and perhaps even spot some local wildlife like alligators, deer, and a variety of bird species.

**Activity Idea:** Create a wildlife bingo game. Make a list of animals and plants native to the area and see who can spot the most during your hike.

Cost: Free.

Exterior of Rosedown Plantation

 3. Step Back in Time at Rosedown State Historic Site

Rosedown State Historic Site offers a peek into what life was like for 19th-century residents. The beautifully preserved gardens and mansion provide a scenic and educational outing. Kids can explore the gardens and image life in a different era. Learn more about Rosedown SHS here.

**Activity Idea:** After visiting, have a garden scavenger hunt. Make a list of flowers, plants, and garden features for the kids to find. They can take photos or draw pictures of each item.

Cost: $12 per person (18 through 61); $10 for senior citizens (62 and older); $6 for students (4 through 17); Free for children 3 and under

A small child in a yellow shirt taking a picture using a toy camera in Tunica Hills

4. Hike the Tunica Hills

The Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area is perfect for families who love adventure. With trails ranging from easy walks to challenging hikes, everyone can enjoy the scenic beauty of the hills, which were formed during the last Ice Age! There are multiple campsites that are great for sleeping under the stars.

**Activity Idea:** Pack a nature journal for each child. Encourage them to document their hike by drawing plants, writing about their experiences, or even pressing flowers they find along the trail.

Cost: Free.

courtyard outside West Feliciana Historical Museum

5. Visit the West Feliciana Historical Society Museum

Learn about the local history at the West Feliciana Historical Society Museum. The museum offers exhibits that cover the area’s history from Native American times through modern day. They’ll learn about the time that St. Francisville was the capital of the Republic of West Florida for 87ish days, and about the lost port city of Bayou Sara. It’s an educational stop that can spark interest in history for kids and adults alike.

**Activity Idea:** Have a family quiz based on the exhibits. Create questions beforehand and see who paid the most attention during the visit. Small prizes can make it even more exciting.

Cost: Free.

Exterior of Audubon State Historic Site

6. Bird watch at Audubon State Historic Site

Oakley Plantation, part of the Audubon State Historic Site, is where John James Audubon once lived and worked. Audubon was a famous artist that created his “Birds of America” series right here in West Feliciana Parish. The site includes an informative tour of the house, slave quarters, and grounds, as well as trails for hiking. It’s a peaceful spot for a family day out. Learn more about Audubon SHS here.

**Activity Idea:** After learning about Audubon, have a bird-watching session. Provide the kids with binoculars and a bird guidebook to identify different species they see. They can keep a log of their sightings.

Cost: $10 per adult (18–62); $8 for senior citizens (62 and older); $6 for students (4–17); Free for children (3 and under).

Aerial view of West Feliciana Parish Sports Park

7. Cool Off at the Sports Park

The West Feliciana Parish Sports Park in St. Francisville is a hub of activity for families. It features a disc golf course, walking path, tennis courts, pickleball courts, a skatepark, a playground, and more. It’s the perfect place for a day of active fun and relaxation.

**Activity Idea:** Plan a Sports Park Olympics. Set up mini-competitions for the family such as races on the walking path, do obstacles on the play ground, and friendly matches of tennis or pickleball. End the day with a cool-off session at the splash pad and some free play at the playground.

Cost: Free.


8. Discover History at the Myrtles

Known as one of America’s most haunted homes, the Myrtles Plantation offers intriguing guided tours. While the ghost stories are fascinating, tours also provide a glimpse into Southern history and architecture. Families can explore the beautiful grounds and take daytime tours that are suitable for children. Learn more about the Myrtles here.

**Activity Idea:** Encourage kids to draw or journal about their favorite part of the tour. They can create their own ghost stories or historical tales based on what they learn.

Cost: $15 per person.

Three women standing outside by The Mag Cafe


9. Summer Camps

Summer Camps are a must for any young mind! St. Francisville offers some fantastic options, like the Song Bird Music School or Youth Soccer Camp. These are a perfect way for the kids to learn new skills while the parents get to relax, shop, and explore St. Francisville on their own. More information about the camps are below:

Song Bird Music School:

$150 for the week. Register at

  • June 27-28: Songwriting
  • June 29-30: Band, Ukelele, and Guitar
  • July 8-12: Young Songbirds Class

Youth Soccer Camp for boys & girls ages 6-13

Cost is $50 and register by email at Call 225-784-8447 for more information.

  • June 25-27

10. Picnics in the Parks

No summer trip is complete without some delicious treats. Visit local cafes and ice cream shops to cool off with some sweet treats. St. Francisville has some great restaurants that will help replenish the calories that are burnt through exploring West Feliciana Parish. Get your orders to go and take it to local parks like Parker Park Afton Villa Gardens, Mary Ann Brown Preserve, or Hemingbough to have a picnic outside!

**Activity Idea:** Organize a “taste test” adventure. Visit a few different places and have the kids rate their favorite treats. They can create a mini food blog or vlog to document their culinary journey.

Bonus Adventures:

St. Francisville is a great homebase to explore outside of the Parish. Take a hike in Clark Creek Natural Area in Pickneyville, MS, just a 30 minute drive from St. Francisville. There you’ll see waterfalls, local wildlife, and more. You can also take a 25 minute drive to Ethel, La to see some exotic wildlife at Barn Hill Preserve! Keeping in the theme of animals, take a day trip to the Baton Rouge Zoo, just 30 minutes south of St. Francisville.



St. Francisville offers a perfect mix of education, adventure, and relaxation for families. From historic sites to wildlife refuges and modern recreational facilities, there’s something for everyone. These activities not only provide fun but also educational opportunities that will make your summer trip memorable. So pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and head to St. Francisville for an unforgettable summer adventure!